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Sensor de Ruido - Grove

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The Sound sensor module is a simple microphone compatible with many microcontrollers and SBCs like Arduino and Raspberry Pi. Based on the power amplifier LM386 and the electret microphone, it can be used to detect whether there's sound (like the sound of clapping, noise, etc) surround or not and output the sound strength of the environment. This module can easily integrate with logic modules on the input side of Grove circuits and its output is analog. With its tiny size and high performance, it is perfect for your Raspberry Pi audio detection project and interactive project.

  • Analog output signal
  • Wide supply voltage range: 4V-12V
  • Low quiescent current drain: 4mA
  • Tiny size: 2.0cm x 2.0cm twig module
  • Minimum external parts
  • Based on the power amplifier LM386